"As a Prosperity Circle Certified Coach you will learn the secrets to creating success that lasts and can withstand uncertain times. And you will know how to empower your clients and lead them to breakthroughs."

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This is a Unique Opportunity to Work with a TOP PRODUCING
CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional and Creator of the
REVOLUTIONARY Prosperity Circle Method to Learn How to Attract New Paying Clients, Market to Them and Build a Lucrative Coaching Practice.

Become your own architect of abundance

Ellen Rogin has studied and seen from first-hand experience what it is that makes people financially successful. She has taken that information and synthesized it into what you really need to do to succeed and has created The Prosperity Circle method: a lifetime process for financial creation and contentment.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional, Ellen is grounded in practical knowledge. After more than 20 years of experience, her training in economics and accounting is now combined with her broad viewpoint that a prosperous outlook accompanied by the right financial knowledge and tools will move you forward confidently and abundantly.

Prosperity Circle coaches learn how to create prosperity ON DEMAND and show their clients how to do the same thing.

What is the Prosperity Circle Method?

The Prosperity Circle® method is a lifetime process for financial creation and contentment. And this is your chance to learn the ins and outs of applying it in your own life, as well as ‘sharing the wealth’ with others as a trusted mentor.

What is a Prosperity Circle® Coach?

Many people have either lost (or never learned) that they have the power within themselves to be the source for abundance in their lives. Yet we all possess the ability to create and keep the flow of prosperity working to support our dreams and reach our goals.

By becoming a Prosperity Circle® Certified Coach, YOU can help lead others to wealth and abundance in all areas of their lives.

You’ll not only learn invaluable and life-changing information that has the power to forever change your financial future, but as a Certified Prosperity Circle® Coach, you will also learn what it takes to help others create abundance in their own lives.

What are the benefits of becoming a Prosperity Circle® Coach?

  • Attract new clients and grow your business
  • Improve your ability to grow your own prosperity
  • Better assist your clients with their prosperity
  • Add a deeper element to your practice


Who is this training for?

  • Life coaches
  • Health coaches
  • Business coaches
  • Money coaches
  • Enlightened business people
  • Consulting professionals


As a Prosperity Circle Certified Coach, you will learn the secrets to creating success that LASTS and can withstand uncertain times (which are inevitable). And, you will know how to empower your clients and lead them to breakthroughs.

Ellen Rogin, creator of the The Prosperity Circle® method, teaches you the fundamental steps – chapter by chapter – that you will need to become great with money.

The 6-week Prosperity Circle Coach training includes the following classes:

Class #1 The Secret to Limitless Prosperity

  • Find out what it means and what you need to be Great with Money for a lifetime!
  • Discover how your past experiences with money affect your success today (and how to fix the part that’s broken)
  • Learn how to immediately open up the channels and create prosperity – ON DEMAND!


Class #2 Preparing for Abundance and Monetary Success

  • Identify key areas that block your prosperity flow and learn how to eliminate them
  • Learn “Prosperity Power Moves” to increase your energy and let go of feeling stuck and overwhelmed


Class #3 Transform Your Financial Life by Discovering Your Money-Making Mindset

  • “Say this, not that!” Take command of the key factors affecting your financial life (what you think and what you say)
  • Learn how Olympic athletes’ winning techniques can lead to your financial success
  • How to build your vision and attract prosperity in all areas of your life


Class #4 Action Steps for Building Prosperity NOW

  • Discover the 4 Essential Elements of a Successful Action Plan
  • Learn what it takes to achieve the success you desire
  • Answer the all-too-common question: I have a clear compelling vision – NOW WHAT?
  • How to stay focused to support achievement of your big, small, short-term or long-term goals


Class #5 Accelerate Your Financial Success in Any Economy

  • 6 Tools to neutralize scarcity worries
  • Learn surprisingly simple methods to take your success to a higher level


Class #6 Do-It-Yourself Marketing to Grow Your Prosperity Circles

  • Free and low-cost, high-impact marketing strategies
  • Learn the single-most important marketing strategy that many “experts” forget
  • Additional resources for online training will be provided


Why coaches are excited about this program

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