Strategies for Success and Prosperity

Ellen’s popular programs are built around this simple fact: The key to being great with money doesn’t lie in understanding your asset allocation. The key lies in what you think and say to yourself about your money everyday.

Drawing on more than 20 years’ experience as an entrepreneur in the financial services industry, Ellen learned what the most successful people do to attract prosperity into their lives. Using this insider knowledge she has created a unique system for success that works! Audiences are energized and entertained while they learn Ellen’s powerful strategies for flipping the switch from money worries to money confidence.

Ellen’s dynamic presentations will help you make your next event a success. Audiences have renewed energy and passion and are inspired by Ellen’s engaging stories and real-life examples.

Ellen’s content-rich programs are popular with trade associations, corporate women’s initiatives, philanthropic organizations, women’s professional organizations and networking associations whose members want to reignite their capacity to create, build and sustain success and abundance in their lives.


Make Prosperity a Habit:

Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality

What if the answer to feeling confident, comfortable and calm with your money was easily within reach?  A financial advisor for more than 20 years, Ellen Rogin will show your audience how to create the life they’ve envisioned. Learn:

  • Powerful tools anyone can use immediately to build financial security
  • Skills to reduce stress and anxiety around money issues so you will make financial decisions from a place of calm and confidence
  • Ways to be resilient when it comes to money – how to not just create a plan but put practices in place that will actually help you reach your plan

Audiences leave inspired to look at their money through a new lens, with the potential to positively impact their own lives and to have a huge impact in the world.

Great with Money:

Think Your Way to Prosperity

Sharing strategies based upon her book: Great with Money: 6 Steps to Lifetime Success & Prosperity, Ellen reveals the keys to success that many ignore. Audiences learn to:

  • Master the tools that will stop scarcity worries dead in their tracks
  • Activate the amazing power of a money-making mindset and use it to transform their financial life
  • Create lavish abundance in their lives


Dare to Go BIG:

Small Steps for BIG results in Your Business and Your Life!

How badly do you want success?  Enough to try something new?  Ellen Rogin, once frustrated by hitting a plateau in her business, cracked the code to achieve exponential growth and did so during a recession.  In this presentation, you will learn the mental game to unlock your inner prosperity power.

Participants learn:

  • Proven techniques to have opportunities flow to them
  • Breakthrough strategies to blow past their business plateaus
  • The unexpected path that will energize them and their business today, tomorrow and years from now


Do Good-Feel Great:

The Amazing Connection between Creating a Better World and a Better You

Want less stress, more happiness and prosperity with ease? A program for all audiences who want to achieve better health, increased business, new job opportunities, and greater prosperity. Ellen will guide your audience through the Do Good – Feel Great system for transforming your life, your bank account and your world.

Audiences learn:

  • The surprising link between generosity and longevity
  • The key to having financial opportunities flow to you
  • Increased clarity and excitement about taking your business to the next level and beyond


Information & Inspiration

The feedback was wonderful!

“Thank you, Ellen, for making our customer event a huge success. Your presentation spoke directly to top women executives from some of our most important customers – Your presentation was both entertaining and informative. The feedback was wonderful and I know everyone left a little more inspired having met you!”
Steve Winter
COO, SAP North America

Compelling Story

Ellen Rogin shares her own story to inspire others.

“In addition to inspiring others to pursue their dreams and talents, Ellen also does a wonderful job sharing her own story and abilities in a compelling and insightful way. She is, in a word, inspiring.”
Tracy Samantha Schmidt
Director, Training & Strategy, Crain’s Social Media Group, Crain Communications

Enthusiasm & Knowledge

Ellen Rogin’s “passion for sharing her knowledge was evident in her presentation…”

“Ellen was a speaker at our recent Lakeshore Professional Women’s Conference and her sessions on Money and Prosperity far exceeded our expectations! Ellen’s passion for sharing her knowledge was evident in her presentation which was inspiring and thought-provoking. She is truly a gem to work with and I would highly recommend her as she is definitely an asset to any conference.”
Barbara Oliver
Lakeshore Public Television

Fresh, New Ideas

Ellen Rogin offers a fresh new way to think about money.

“Ellen Rogin is an inspiring, interesting speaker. She gave a presentation, How to be Great with Money: Thinking your way to Prosperity, that gave everyone in the audience a new way to think about money that was both inspiring and motivating. Everyone who attended was very positive about the program. Her book and newsletter are well-written and are continuing sources of motivation and information.”
Diane Middlebrooks
Women’s Initiative Coordinator, Itasca Bank & Trust Co.


Our donors and clients instantly connected with Ellen Rogin and her philosophy.

“Ellen served as our keynote speaker for our Women’s Legacy Fund annual luncheon for three years. Ellen’s presentations were outstanding; she is inspiring, educational, humorous, and visionary. Our donors and clients instantly connected with her and her philosophy that both giving AND receiving are active, not passive, skills, and how both are necessary for creating a complete model of philanthropy. Ellen shared stories about her family and her life experiences that really opened the audience up for sharing and discussion. I highly recommend Ellen as a speaker, presenter, and ‘inspiration cheerleader.’”
Arlene Knox
Director, Southwest Florida Community Foundation


Ellen Rogin’s number 1 priority: to help make your event a success.

“Ellen was the keynote speaker at our firm’s annual women’s initiative event. All of the firm’s women clients were invited to the event, so it was extremely important that they were kept well-entertained and interested. Ellen certainly accomplished that goal. The women were riveted during her presentation, which included and fostered substantial interactive discussion among those in attendance. We received very positive feedback on the event, especially on Ellen’s dynamic, educational speech.
Our women’s initiative also read Ellen’s book and welcomed her to a private meeting of our group to present on related topics and to respond to questions. Each of us felt that the book contributed significantly to our understanding of the topic addressed and truly benefitted from our session with Ellen.”
Leslee Cohen
Partner, Much Shelist

Positive Wealth Building

Ellen Rogin shows ways you can increase your flow of new business.

“I have had the pleasure of attending 3 different presentations offered by Ellen and always came away with inspiration as to how to think about wealth in a new way. Ellen gave out an Abundance Activist wristband at one of her talks. After staring at the band for many months, I decided to wear the band on a daily basis about 5 months ago to remind me to stay focused on building wealth and prosperity. It really works! I have had a steady flow of positive wealth building happenings including new business customers and suppliers. Ellen has a compelling message and has a terrific presentation style. It will be to your great advantage if you make the time to participate in one of Ellen’s workshops.”
Susanne Moncrieff
President/CEO, Corporate Motivation, Inc. T: 847.716.7792
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