5 Powerful Strategies for Winning Women Clients

Within the next 20 years women will control $22 trillion of wealth in the United States as wealth continues to shift from men to women. Is your practice positioned to flourish or flounder with these changing demographics? In this action-step-packed program, women and money expert Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP® , will define the keys to attracting and retaining women clients as you build your successful financial services practice. (65% of Ellen’s clients are women managing their own money.)

You will learn:

  • The 5 biggest mistakes advisors make when selling to women prospects
  • The 3 most important areas to discuss when you meet with women
  • He says, She says: How to break through communications barriers

Forget getting a bigger piece of the wallet share – go for the handbag!


Dare to Go Big:

Small Steps for Big Results in Your Business and Your Life

How badly do you want success?  Enough to try something new?  Ellen Rogin, once frustrated by hitting a plateau in her business, cracked the code to achieve exponential growth and did so during a recession.  In this presentation, you will learn how to win the mental game to unlock your inner prosperity power.  And once you apply these breakthrough techniques you’ll see prosperity and success show up with lightening speed. These strategies are so counter-intuitive – yet will make all the difference in your success. If you are doing everything right and still not getting the results you want, this crash course will show you how to:

      • Capture more business
      • Be a magnet for opportunities
      • Have your ideal clients calling


Do Good-Feel Great:

The Amazing Connection between Creating a Better World and a Better You

Do you want less stress and renewed energy? Do you want potential clients calling you and referrals streaming in? Here is the simple and amazing way to achieve better health, increased business and greater prosperity. Ellen will guide you through the Do Good – Feel Great system for transforming your life, your bank account and your world.Learn:

  • The surprising link between generosity and longevity
  • The key to having financial opportunities flow to you
  • How building a business aura will keep clients coming back today, tomorrow and years from now




Ellen Rogin’s top priority is to help make your event a success.

“You really helped our first Women’s Conference be the wild success that it was!”
Amy Webber
President & CEO, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.


Ellen Rogin adds value to your client relationships.

“You have truly helped us add value to this client relationship…This goes a long way in demonstrating that we view our client’s business in a more comprehensive manner, and provide services that others do not. You certainly hit the mark and we cannot thank you enough.”
Carolyn H. McLaurin
Vice-President & Managing Director, SEI Investments, Global Institution Group


Ellen Rogin’s stories and ideas are “just awesome!”

“I had the opportunity to hire and work with Ellen …and the best words to describe her are ‘inspirational, memorable and dynamic.’ The stories she told, the ideas she shared, and the delivery of these stories and ideas were just awesome….one of the most impressive speakers that I have heard! Someone who truly makes a difference with everyone she touches!!”
Jonathan Cooley, CIMA®
Putnam Investments


Ellen Rogin has an “easy, humorous speaking style coupled with thought-provoking and life-changing content.”

“Ellen gets a ringing endorsement from me…I have hired Ellen several times to speak to my customers in my own sales territory and my company has also happily hired Ellen several times to speak on our behalf on a national level. We have found that our customers leave her presentations with unique ways of looking at their lives and businesses and with ideas that are simple to enact that provoke positive change. Thanks Ellen!”
Martha Hart Carlson
Lincoln Financial


Ellen Rogin “inspired us.”

“Thank you for the gift of your time and message…you educated us, inspired us and made us feel great-uplifted!”
Rick Fergesen
President and CEO, Woodbury Financial Services

Creativity & High Marks

From our advisors: Ellen Rogin is “one of our highest rate speakers at any conference.”

“Ellen was not only fantastic to work with but she was always one of our highest rate speakers at any conference we were able to secure her time. Ellen is creative, extremely professional and a real talent. Our advisors loved her and felt her presentations were impactful and thought provoking. Any time I could convince Ellen to present I knew we had a home run. ”
Mark Schlafly
(Former) President and CEO, FSC Securities T: 847.716.7792
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