Mar 30th

5 Podcasts to Grow Your Mind and Brighten Your Day

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Isn’t it cool that you can get so much value, learning, and entertainment on your phone without it costing a cent? I’m always looking for something juicy to listen to while I’m in the car driving to downtown Chicago, on the bike training for the outdoor season, or while out on a run. It not only moves my attention away from the pain or boredom of the commute or training but often spurs creative juices or just gives a laugh to brighten my day. Here are 5 of my favorites that I subscribe to:  

TED Radio Hour – This is a replay of the Public Radio show. Guy Raz hosts – they pick a theme and explore it with different interviews and excerpts from TED talks. I always learn something new and enjoy hearing parts of talks I otherwise would have missed.


The Tim Ferriss Show – Tim’s the author of The 4-Hour Work Week and more recently The Tools of Titans (a huge and interesting book based on his podcast interviews). Tim takes a deep dive when he interviews a broad spectrum of people who excel in their chosen fields. One show it’s a top athlete, next a business owner, maybe a researcher. He deconstructs what makes them awesome. These are typically long shows – great for a super-long run, or a frustratingly long commute.


I’m Spiritual, Dammit! With Jen Weigel – Jen is a journalist (radio, TV and print) and uses her fabulous interview skills to talk with guests who are healers, mediums, psychics, and business owners who use their spiritual awareness to grow their businesses. She takes a grounded and practical approach to looking at subjects that are often not so practical and grounded.


The Genius Network – The World’s Best Wisdom presented by Joe Polish – This one’s particularly interesting for business owners. Joe has a network of super-successful business owners and either interviews them or plays excerpts from their talks at his annual conference. These are thought leaders and great speakers.


Melissa Yamaguchi – Melissa has a new podcast where she explores how to use your energy more effectively. She’s a feng shui master and hysterically funny. If you’ve been to my office in the last year you know I totally changed it around thanks to Melissa. I love her work and am excited to learn more about how she uses energy in her daily life to make it even more awesome.


Let me know what you think of these and what’s on your favorite podcast list.

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