Feb 14th

How to Stop Fighting about Money with Your Honey

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Do you and your spouse argue when it comes to money decisions? It doesn’t have to be so difficult. Here are 3 steps you can take so talking with your honey about money is easy and fun.

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How to Stop Worrying About Money

How to Stop Worrying About Money     Do you worry about money? Many people do. In fact, money is one of the top things people worry about.  Yet, worry and stress can get in the way of making good money decisions. In this video, I’ll share an easy way to lower your stress around money.
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Are Your Kids Doing This #1 Crucial Thing?

If you knew you could teach your kids one thing that could make all the difference for their future prosperity, wouldn’t you want to do it?  Of course. During this time of year, especially today on Giving Tuesday, we think about the power of generosity. Did you know recent studies have shown that kids who […]
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How About Some Good News for a Change?

Are you as tired of all of the bad news out there as I am? It turns out that too much exposure to negative news, whether that’s from watching on TV, reading it on line, or listening on your commute all contribute to anxiety and depression. It feeds into our natural inclination to focus on […]
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Sometimes I Catch Myself Doing This and It’s Not Very Nice

Sometimes I Catch Myself Doing This and It’s Not Very Nice     I have to own up to something. Sometimes I find myself judging other people. Not on important stuff but on trivial stuff. It’s embarrassing and not nice. So I decided I would try something different and what happened really surprised me.
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Toss Your Budget! This Works So Much Better.

Toss Your Budget! This Works So Much Better.     Budgets don’t work and I think they are a really bad idea. In over 20 years as a financial advisor I haven’t seen many people stick to a budget. Here’s a way to look at your expenses and see what’s flowing in and flowing out. And it opens up the way to think about whether your […]
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Don’t Let Your Words Block Your Wealth

Don’t Let Your Words Block Your Wealth   Is it possible that you carry around beliefs about money that just don’t support your success? Thoughts like, “Rich people are usually crooks” or “If I make a lot of money, my friends will feel bad.”  Here’s at tip for looking at what you believe about money and flipping the limiting beliefs to ones that help […]
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3 Books I’m Recommending Now

I hope you are enjoying the end of summer. My summer was really great – filled with travel, time with family, and time for some terrific books. Here are three that really got me thinking: Goodbye Hurt and Pain: 7 Simple Steps to Health, Love and Success by Dr. Deborah Sandella. Dr. Deb is a […]
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♥ How to Stop Arguing with Your Honey About Money ♥

Tired of fighting about money? Why is it that when finances come up it’s such a hot button for many couples? The way I see it, money arguments aren’t really ever about the money, but what the money represents. Whether its power, love, control, mixed with shame, confusion, or stress, there is a path to financial […]
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Don’t Do This if You Want More Compliments

I have a confession. Sometimes I can be a bit judgy. I notice this the most when I’m at the airport. I catch myself thinking critical thoughts about the way people look. It’s embarrassing and superficial, not to mention not very nice. I certainly don’t want people doing this to me. I Tried an Experiment… […]
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