Aug 7th

Is Allowance Good for Kids?

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It’s important to teach your kids about money early, and allowance is a great way to do this…but it has to be done right! I’ll show you how you can use allowance to teach children about saving, spending wisely, and giving to others. 

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Don’t Let Fake Money News Stop Your Success

We hear a lot about fake news these days. Well, there’s plenty of fake money news out there, too. But instead of putting all the blame on the press (although they often love to stir the financial anxiety pot), there’s a bigger source of fake financial news. What’s the source? It’s between your ears. What […]
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Don’t Skip This Smart Money Move-You’ll Like the Results!

Don’t Skip This Smart Money Move-You’ll Like the Results!     Creating a prosperity picture is one of the smartest moves you can make to bring abundance and money into your life. It’s a fun, powerful way to get clear on what’s important to you and plan your finances to make it all happen. I’ll show you how to make your own prosperity picture and ways to use it […]
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So Glad My Dad Taught Me This about Money

We never really talked about money when I was growing up, or at least not directly. Everything I consciously learned about money was from school and working as a financial advisor. But as I think back I learned a ton about money growing up.   My dad’s been gone for more than 20 years – […]
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Finances Have You Frazzled? Find Your Zen on Your Phone

Meditation is one of my favorite financial strategies. It may sound weird, but if you think about it, how can you make sound money decisions if you are jittery, stressed out, and distracted? When I started my meditation practice about 14 years ago I used an egg timer to let me know when I’d reached […]
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5 Podcasts to Grow Your Mind and Brighten Your Day

Isn’t it cool that you can get so much value, learning, and entertainment on your phone without it costing a cent? I’m always looking for something juicy to listen to while I’m in the car driving to downtown Chicago, on the bike training for the outdoor season, or while out on a run. It not […]
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The Unexpected Perks of Being Grateful

The Unexpected Perks of Being Grateful     You most likely know that focusing on gratitude can make you happier, but did you know that having a daily gratitude practice might also make you more money? I’ll show you an easy way to make gratitude a habit. Try it for just 5 minutes a day and you’ll bring more happiness into […]
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Financial Challenges Have You Stuck? Here’s Your Solution

Financial Challenges Have You Stuck? Here’s Your Solution     Just about everybody feels fear or concern about money at some time. But if money worries are keeping you stuck in a job you don’t like or if you’re losing sleep waiting for the next financial downturn, it’s time to take action. Here is a solution to all that worry that will help you to make […]
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How to Stop Fighting about Money with Your Honey

    Do you and your spouse argue when it comes to money decisions? It doesn’t have to be so difficult. Here are 3 steps you can take so talking with your honey about money is easy and fun.
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How to Stop Worrying About Money

How to Stop Worrying About Money     Do you worry about money? Many people do. In fact, money is one of the top things people worry about.  Yet, worry and stress can get in the way of making good money decisions. In this video, I’ll share an easy way to lower your stress around money.
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